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Hen boxes


-perfect for widowhood hen and racing hen
-box of 36,4 cm in width
-cabinet of 56,0 cm depth
-optimum supply in water and feeding stuff
-simple operation
-available with and without a conveyor belt for excrement!

The box is another option for location of widowhood hen and racing hen.

Owing to box of 36,4 cm in width and 56 cm in depth, it is possible to move the front door to the back. Ensuring a seat at the front. There is enough space behind the door for a pigeon to seat and to place a nest bowl. This box guarantees optimum conditions. Feed and water dishes are available to provide feeding stuff for pigeons. The front door is darkened and equipped with inspection windows. In this arrangement, pigeons are much more relaxed than in case of wire door boxes. In this case, there is no risk that pigeons would try to get out of the box and rumple their feathers. The front door can be easily moved back owing to the patented swinging ferrule.